Deciduous Trees

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Quaking aspen - populus tremuloides

  • 40-50’ x 30’ Full sun
  • We love this tree for Mountain or Colorado style landscapes- match great with ornamental grasses, evergreens, and dark green shrubs
  • Great small-medium size tree
  • Striking white bark with eye shaped buds on trunk(also a great substitute for river birch)
  • Dark green glossy leaves that turn bright yellow in fall
  • Although it is short lived, the bloom is a fuzzy catkin that is beautiful in morning sunlight
  • Multi stem tree that can sucker to create a “grove” of aspen- ‘Niobrara’ is a cultivar that suckers less often

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

Quaking aspen
Photo 1
Quaking aspen
Photo 2
Quaking aspen
Photo 3
Quaking aspen
Photo 4
Quaking aspen
Photo 5
Quaking aspen
Photo 6
Quaking aspen
Photo 7
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